Arsonsisi enters the market of liquid coatings for drums, LPG tanks and cylinders, pipes

Beckers Industrial Coatings Italia is granting Arsonsisi the exclusive license for the production and sale of industrial paints to apply to drums, gas tanks and cylinders, and pipes.

The range of varnishing products includes water-soluble and solvent enamels, oven-dried and/or two-component, applied by both roller and spray.

liquid coatings for drums by ArsonsisiIn the specific case of the internal and external coating of metal drums destined to contain liquid and solid products, water-soluble paints are used, applied by roller or spray and then dried in the oven.

The wide range of available colours allows customising the drums according to their assigned use.

In painting LPG tanks above ground, after sandblasting, a first zinc epoxy coat is applied, followed by a two-component polyurethane finishing enamel coat with anti-corrosive properties of high resistance to the weather.

liquid coatings for LPG tanks above ground by ArsonsisiOn underground gas tanks, always after sand-blasting, the cycle provides for a special surface treatment consisting of a thick coat of epoxy primer that allows isolating the tanks from underground stray currents and chemical-physical actions.

The paints used on LPG cylinders consist of an oven-dried water-soluble primer, followed by a finishing coat of water-soluble, traditionally oven-dried enamel, developed in various colours according to the distribution brand’s request.

For cast iron pipes to transport and distribute drinking water as well as waste water, one- and two-component paints, water-soluble epoxy enamels are used.

These products are particularly suitable to large diameter pipes requiring a surface protective treatment for water pipes.

“The agreement with Beckers Industrial Coatings Italia is an important step in the Arsonsisi group’s growth strategy that, associated with Beckers Italia’s consolidated experience and technical-commercial know-how, will allow us to widen our offer in a market where we have an established presence.” Comments Carlo Junghanns, Chairman of Arsonsisi Technological Coatings:

“At the same time, through the continuity in Arsonsisi’s technical offer, customers can be sure of the quality that has characterized Beckers’ products up until now.”

The liquid coatings for these new sectors are made in the Berlingo plant (BS), where Arsonsisi is specialized in the production of water and solvent paints used in the automotive sector (alloy and iron wheels) and in painting metals and plastics for various industrial sectors.

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